Making the most out of working with a Recruiter

Looking for a job can be a discouraging and sometimes frustrating. However, a Recruiter can be one more resource in your tool belt that might help you land the dream job you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what you can expect from working with a Recruiter, as well as tips on how to make the most of this partnership.

“I worked with a Recruiter, but they never sent me anywhere”

In order to maximise the services a recruitment firm can offer, you first need to understand how recruiters work, and what they can actually do for you. Recruitment firms partner with companies and are mandated to help them fill job vacancies within the organization. If a Recruiter does not have any positions, that match your skill set or experience, you won’t get a call from him/her. This doesn’t mean that the Recruiter doesn’t like you, it simply means there is nothing for you… right now.

Your CV

If you are looking to apply to a role through a recruitment firm, make sure you have held a similar role throughout your career and this is reflected on your CV. Clearly explain your tasks using key words and terms as written on the job description. Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems where we use these terms and words to search for candidates and only these relevant CVs will come up in our search. We always recommend though, that you do not change your actual title, as this is not an honest route to take but give a good description of your tasks for each role held.

“I know I’m a buyer, but I would love to be a designer”

Apply for roles you are qualified for! Often I meet with candidates who want to apply for roles that are quite different from the roles they are currently occupying. If you are applying directly to a company, they may see something on your CV and consider you for those roles. If you are applying through a recruitment firm, more often than not, you won’t make the cut. Why ? You may be confident that your skills are transferable and you can do the job with your eyes closed. However, a Recruiter is specifically hired to help these companies find candidates who are an exact match. This is the value we bring to our clients.

“I already applied there, but never heard back”

If the Recruiter you are working with, is specialized in a type of position or industry, check-in with him/her before you apply directly to a company. How often do you apply to a company and never hear back ? How frustrating is it, when you don’t know whether your CV was looked at, rejected, or if it even got to the right persons’ desk ? A recruiter can take some of the guess work out of the process. We have relationships with the hiring managers and decision makers. We can get your CV in front of the right people, and better yet, we act as your cover letter. We let them know why they should consider you and what you can offer, that no one else can. Before you apply to a role, check-in with us first… we just might have that “in” you need.

Lastly, never forget to stay active. Recruiters can be a great resource in your job search, but we are not the be-all and end-all of job hunting. Do your own research ! If a Recruiter does not have a contact with a specific company, apply on your own. Reach out, network and Connect to in-house Talent Acquisition, introduce yourself and tell them why they should meet you! Sell yourself !

We hope these tips will ease your search !

Good luck, from Prestige Recruitment.

Andrea Berish