Service at its best!

Friends always tell me I’m too hard on people in the service industry…

True : I’m one of those who ask to speak to the manager, will write a negative review on Zomato or do research on a trip myself, rather than deal with an impatient agent.

Being a service provider, I am also hard on myself. I do my best to work according to the Golden Rule, to treat others the way I would want to be treated, promote transparency and ensure my client or customer has a solutions-oriented and stress-free experience with me. There have been times, though that I wasn’t the proudest of my service – but, no one is perfect! What’s important is that we always strive to better ourselves.

Excellent customer service is vital for any business to survive. If you are the first point of contact for an organization, it is in your hands to impress and create a great lasting impression.

A great business puts their customers at the forefront of their operation and will generally have a steady flow of loyal customers !

Here are five tips to ensure your dealings with customers are always positive and memorable.

Strive to meet customer expectations
Satisfied customers are looking for a memorable experience and an energetic service. Businesses need to be aware that it’s becoming ever more popular for customers to leave a review of their experience on a number of feedback sites. That being said, make it your goal to service your customer according to their needs, giving them your best efforts. Otherwise, bad feedback can be extremely damaging to your business and to your reputation.

Deliver on your promise
Any business needs to keep customers and clients happy, but for them to return, you need to under-promise and over-deliver! Exceeding expectations and being transparent along the way is all you need to gain the customers’ loyalty and gain referrals.

Be realistic
Remember to be truthful and realistic; don’t big your business up, don`t pretend you know something or do something you don`t- as this only sets expectations for the customer and excites them only to be disappointed in the end.

Customer loyalty
Customers are the most important part of the business – without them what would you have?Remember that happy customers are loyal customers! Go the extra mile if needs be, provide additional information and help where possible, this always tends to impress. Focus on them at all times – and they will be happy.

Whether positive or negative, you need to make sure it`s made easy and clear for a customer to tell you about their experience with you. In the case that feedback is negative, be understanding and allow the customer to express their feelings, so they’re not inclined to tell someone else. Try hard to fix the problem, remember to keep calm and try to resolve the situation so the customer ultimately goes away satisfied.

Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement
J.C. Penney

Nadia Signore